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Call for Applications – Program Manager

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“Fatah’s seventh party congress: a masterstroke by Abbas?” Artikel von Omran Shroufi bei Open Democracy

Fatah’s seventh party congress: a masterstroke by Abbas?

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“The French Initiative: The beginning of a new negotiation paradigm?” Artikel von Omran Shroufi bei Your Middle East

The French Initiative: The beginning of a new negotiation paradigm?

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MAS Roundtable 1 “MAS Assessment of the Implementation of the 2013 Budget and Fiscal Policy Changes Impacting the 2014 Budget”

On March 19th, the Palestine Economic Policy Research Institute (MAS) conducted its first roundtable meeting this year in cooperation with FES to discuss the fiscal year 2014 general budget. Mr. Farid Ghannam, the Budget Director in the Ministry of Finance, Mr. Samir Hleileh, a representative of the private sector and Dr. Azmi Shuaibi, a representative of the civil society were holding the three presentations. The meeting was attended by three former finance ministers, a former minister of planning, deputy governor of the Monetary Authority, as well as a number of financial and legal experts, academics and representatives of public, private and civil institutions.

Dr. Samir Abdulla, Director of Research at the Institute briefed attendees on the root causes of the budget deficit and the PNA’s chronic financial crisis, which is a product of the PA’s growing responsibilities coupled with Israeli pressures that deny the Palestinians the right to utilize the majority of their natural and economic resources.

Mr. Ghannam provided the audience with a synopsis of the fiscal policies underlying the preparation of the FY 2014 budget and the challenges it encountered in the implementation of the last year’s budget.  He briefed attendees on the way the government allocates funds and compared them with actual expenditures for the previous year so as to achieve the government’s endeavors of rationalizing spending. While the cut back efforts particularly involve controlling unjustified spending, the government, with regards to the revenues, seeks to enhance tax collection through broadening the tax base in order to boost revenues and achieve social justice. Mr. Samir Huleileh criticized that the government’s revenue strategy as inadequate since it is not part of a general vision designed to address economic challenges, especially poverty and unemployment.

Dr. Azmi Shuaibi’s presentation further criticized the methods of preparing and approving the general budget. He stated that the government approves the budget without methodically discussing it with the Legislative Council and civil society organizations. He warned that it is intolerable that the government continues to spend on the burdensome net lending, especially under the current financial crunch. Shuaibi argued that the allocation of about 42% of the wage bill for security services drains the financial resources, and therefore the government should search for convenient solutions. He further referred to the tax evasion, emphasizing the need to broaden the tax base in order to incorporate the free professions, making this a theme for discussion between the government and trade unions.формирование положительного имиджа компанииgmalilкупить оптом посудауWSP Italy YOKOHAMA PRADO W1707реклама и продвижениемультиварка пароварка купитькупить комплектующие для пкцена на видеорегистратор автомобильный в Москваеcar cover bmw z4 e89

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SPD-Bundestagsdelegation besucht die Palästinensischen Gebiete

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Stefan Rebmann besucht die Palästinensischen Gebiete

Auf Einladung der FES besuchte Stefan Rebmann, Mitglied des Deutschen Bundestages, sowie Mitglied des Ausschusses für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung Anfang Oktober die Palästinensischen Gebiete.кухонная посуда ценаweb site search engine optimizationinternet marketing consultingSTICKERдухи киев ценыالشاشة من الشمس في السيارةкупить jeepдомофон беспроводнойcar cover 1965 mustang convertible

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